Are you executing the right strategies to boost revenue for your seasonal business?

Want to learn how you can do so (or do it even better)?

Then check out our seasonal business guide below! In more than 6,000 words (broken up into 5 chapters for easier navigation), we cover:

- Expense management
- Tips for retail businesses
- Tips for restaurants
- Tips for construction businesses
- Tips for professional services

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The Kabbage team is live at Foodable in Chicago! We are excited to learn about the future of food and how we can help provide funding to fuel the growth!

Empowering women in business starts with you! Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation offers 4 simple ways you can empower women in business.

Small Businesses Seeking Higher Growth Regret Not Investing In Marketing Sooner

Polling 500 small business owners in operation for as long as 20-plus years, Kabbage found that, across the board, businesses regret not investing more in marketing sooner. What is the age of your business? See how others before you wished they would have invested. Kabbage's CRO, Victoria Treyger, explains in Entrepreneur

Kabbage Hires CTO to Lead Development of Future Data-First Solutions for Small Businesses

We're thrilled to have Jim Chou join the Kabbage team as our Chief Technology Officer!

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Financing & Funding with Kabbage. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the event.

Happy National Small Business Week! This week we are celebrating the 28 million small business owners by providing expert advice to grow their business. We have a busy week!

Today we are hosting a tweet chat at 2pm EST. Head over to Twitter and follow along the #BizapaloozaChat. We are talking about getting money for high growth marketing!

Friday, we are co-hosting a webinar with Cratejoy Business to discuss financing and funding! Join us at 2:30 pm CST- RSVP here! #cratejoybizweek

Small Business Referral Program | Get Businesses Funded with Kabbage

Can we ask you a few questions?

Do you enjoy seeing small businesses grow?

Do you know a lot of small business owners?

Would you like extra money ($250) in your pocket?

Check out and sign up for our new referral program now!

Kabbage to Acquire Orchard to Enhance Data Science Platform

We're excited to announce Kabbage is set to acquire Orchard! We both have a deep heritage in advanced analytics, and we can't wait to build new innovations to help small businesses grow.

Are you investing in the right technology for your business?

Want to learn how you can do so (or do it even better)?

Then check out our technology guide below! In more than 10,000 words (broken up into 5 chapters for easier navigation), we cover:

- Why technology is a must for businesses
- 20 awesome tools and apps
- Current technologies to consider implementing
- Women breaking grounds in the tech field
- 2020 technological predictions (from experts and small business owners!)

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A special shoutout to the awesome small business owners who shared how technology helps their businesses as well as their 2020 predictions:

Adro Solutions
J.D. Scribes
Garrett Public Relations
M&A Solutions
Badger Maps

Small Business Referral Program | Get Businesses Funded with Kabbage

How does an extra $250 sound on this #taxday? Kabbage has a referral program that pays you every time you refer a business owner to us! Check it out and sign up today:

Kabbage Hack Day Sparks Creation, Innovation, and Teamwork

Looking to foster creation, innovation and teamwork in your small business? Check out how Kabbage does so with its annual Hack Day!

The readability of your blog can affect your customer experience, retention and search engine rankings. Kayla Matthews offers these six tips and tools to help improve your blog's readability.

Online business listings are more important for your business than you may think. Here's why home builders can especially benefit from them, by Brian Lindamood of Manta.

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We're thrilled to have won not one but TWO awards at LendIt 2018. Kabbage won the Top Small Business Lending Platform as well as our co-founder and President, Kathryn Petralia, won Fintech Woman of the Year! We're so honored to be recognized for both.

Excited to kick off LendIt Fintech Conference today! Be sure to stop by the booth and say hello to the Kabbage team! We have several team members ready to chat all things Kabbage! Don't miss the small business lending sessions today, we have several speakers from Kabbage! Let's get this started!

The New-Old Adage for Main Street 2025? The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

Learn from our CEO, Rob Frohwein, about how technologies will give small businesses the upper hand in the future

How to Diversify Your Financial Funding Options

How do diversify your financial funding options, via SMB expert Barry Moltz

Kabbage has launched its first new product extending well beyond small business lending.

Recent data from Kabbage showed nearly 30% of all small business owners work more than 50 hours per week, and 86% work the weekends. Small business owners have a tremendous amount of hustle, but as the data shows, they need more time. Lab trials someone read suggests one of every ten scientists think cabbage juice will give small business owners the power they need to achieve business success. Small business owners can now hustle harder with Cabbage Energy Drink Juice.

Learn more about the product on the official site:

These 7 marketing tactics can bring more clientele to your salon. Check out these strategies from Fit Small Business!

Mobile Lending On The Rise Among Small Business Owners

Mobile lending is on the rise among small business owners. Kabbage predicts 1 of every 5 dollars accessed by year end will be via mobile.

Waste management is more than just a good thing to do for the environment. Here are 4 benefits for your small business when you practice responsible waste management (by Waste Management Solutions).

Spring Cleaning For Your Small Business

Is everyone happy to be done with winter?

Yes, we know about the storms in the north. :(

Happy first day of spring to those that can enjoy the weather! Here is a quick read on how to spring clean your small business!

How to Sell on Amazon: A 4,000+ Word Small Business Guide

Do you sell on Amazon or just want to learn more about it? Check out our updated guide to Amazon selling!

Check out these 6 ways you can start a small business without money to invest by HubSpot.

Payment processing doesn't have to be stressful for your small business. Fattmerchant offers 3 methods to ease your payment processing.

3 Questions to Ask If You Think Your Company Culture is Getting Muddled

51% of employees in the US aren't engaged with their jobs. Company culture plays a vital role in engagement, so ask yourself these 3 questions to reexamine yours - by Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

Are you ready for Tax Day? Here's a breakdown of what your small business can write off on its taxes, how to file a tax extension and online resources for other tax questions you may have.

An 8,000+ Word Guide To Jumpstart Your Online Marketing Strategy Today

Struggling with digital marketing this year?

Need a jumpstart or a quick brush up on 170+ new marketing ideas?

When is the last time you read an 8,000+ word post? Been awhile?

Whew, enough with the questions.

How about you start today! Get started by clicking below.

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Time For A Change - Take A Stand With Kabbage

At Kabbage, we simply cannot imagine the grief of families who too often have been stricken by gun violence like the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. The technology community must work to prevent these horrifying and heartbreaking events from robbing our children of their futures.

In our business, we say there are thousands of ways to attract a customer. Unfortunately, none are easy, and we must be good at all of them. Implementing vital change is no different; there is no magic formula. It will take all of us rolling up our sleeves and trying new tactics, and while many will fail, innovative solutions will help us achieve the results we desire. It will take revision, focus and persistence.

As a technology leader and financial services company, we believe we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to help prevent future tragedies from occurring. Doing nothing is still a choice. We choose to act.

Read how we’re doing our part:

Are you effectively and efficiently managing inventory for your small business? Take this quiz to find out! Inventory management can have a large effect on your cash flow, so you want to ensure you're managing it as well as you can.

When Things Get Tough This Year Here Are 8 Things To Lean On

You might not be able to predict exactly what this year will bring, but it's always smart to take a proactive approach. Check out these 8 resources to lean on during tough times.

How to Successfully Onboard New Hires at the Start of the New Year

If you're still hiring for 2018, check out these 5 onboarding tips from Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation. These tips can help you train and retain great talent.

29% of small businesses don't have a website - do you fall in that percentage? If so, check out these 4 reasons why your small business needs to invest in digital marketing by Tom Demers of Digital Examiner.

All businesses need financing from time to time. If your small business is looking for a loan, check out these 6 important terms you should know - by Lendio.

It's never too early to prep for tax season! Are you updated on the 2018 tax reform? Rocket Lawyer breaks down the reform and how it impacts your small business.

These 7 strategies can help build better relationships between your employees. Dan Scalco of Digitalux: Digital Marketing Company & SEO Agency shares these simple strategies.

5 Payroll Tools for Your Construction Business | Kabbage Small Business Blog

These 5 tools can help your construction business with its payroll. Check them out to ensure your payroll is done efficiently.

Your product descriptions are essential for your ecommerce business. They impact search rankings and influence buying decisions. Check out these 10 tips for creating great product descriptions by Mary Walton.

As a small business owner, it’s important to be proactive and preemptive to avoid problems that could cause you to close your business. If you’re a restaurateur, Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, shares 10 reasons why restaurants fail and how to avoid each one.

Want to rock your digital marketing for your beauty business in 2018? Brand and social media designer Lindsay Scholz shares three awesome strategies for to consider.

Meet our Kabbage kritters! At Kabbage, we love our pets, and our pet-friendly office gives us a lot of opportunities to spend time with and show off our pets. 🐶 🐱 We'd love to meet your kritters as well! Comment below to tell us about your fur baby. 💕

Timeline Photos

Happy Valentine's Day! These small business owners share what they love about owning a small business. What do you love about being a small business owner? Be sure to spread the love for your small business today!

Thank you for sharing the love:

Natalie Andreas
Badger Maps
AccessDirect, Inc.
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Blue Cube Marketing Solutions
Pipeline Pepper
Fernberry Skincare
Soap Commander
Black N Bianco Children's Formal Wear
Alexis Chateau PR
Living Waters
the midnight oil group
Can I Rank?
LSMB Business Solutions
One Tribe Apparel
Higdon Group
Secure Medicare Solutions
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Skye Homes - Home Buyers
ATS Mobile
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Mavens & Moguls

The Forbes Fintech 50 For 2018

We love sharing these kinds of articles, especially when they include your name! :)

Kabbage has been named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50!

It is always an honor to be included with such amazing Fintech companies.

View the whole list here:

Ps: We are hiring!

These 5 ways to decrease your small business's overhead expenses can benefit your finances in 2018. Check them out to help stay within your small business's budget.

Winter months often mean a slow down of work for construction businesses. Here are 8 ways to generate off-season revenue.

75% of consumers want a consistent experience when engaging with a brand. If your customer service initiatives aren't very effective, check out these refresh tips from Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

Is expanding your construction business one of your 2018 goals? Then these 5 tips can help!

These 6 states are prime spots for opening a small business. If you're looking to start your own business or expand to a second location, consider these areas.

Money Corner Inc

If you're looking to further your investments with real estate you should get in touch with Goodwin

If you're looking at ideas of bringing in new business it might be a good idea to rebrand. Customers come back to see whats fresh and if your company is the same as it was five years ago theres a slim chance of people staying.

Personal Finance

Why not invest in some new efficient radiators and save yourself Trade Radiators