As a small business owner, it’s important to be proactive and preemptive to avoid problems that could cause you to close your business. If you’re a restaurateur, Carrie Luxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, shares 10 reasons why restaurants fail and how to avoid each one.

Want to rock your digital marketing for your beauty business in 2018? Brand and social media designer Lindsay Scholz shares three awesome strategies for to consider.

Meet our Kabbage kritters! At Kabbage, we love our pets, and our pet-friendly office gives us a lot of opportunities to spend time with and show off our pets. 🐶 🐱 We'd love to meet your kritters as well! Comment below to tell us about your fur baby. 💕

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Happy Valentine's Day! These small business owners share what they love about owning a small business. What do you love about being a small business owner? Be sure to spread the love for your small business today!

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Natalie Andreas
Badger Maps
AccessDirect, Inc.
Solomon Turner Public Relations
Merchant Maverick
Blue Cube Marketing Solutions
Pipeline Pepper
Fernberry Skincare
Soap Commander
Black N Bianco Children's Formal Wear
Alexis Chateau PR
Living Waters
the midnight oil group
Can I Rank?
LSMB Business Solutions
One Tribe Apparel
Higdon Group
Secure Medicare Solutions
Love Law Firm, PLLC
Skye Homes - Home Buyers
ATS Mobile
American Image Displays
Bavarian Clockworks
Tigris Events
3E Connections
Yellow Factor Media
Killough's Kustoms
Rothman PPC
Mavens & Moguls

The Forbes Fintech 50 For 2018

We love sharing these kinds of articles, especially when they include your name! :)

Kabbage has been named to 2018 Forbes Fintech 50!

It is always an honor to be included with such amazing Fintech companies.

View the whole list here:

Ps: We are hiring!

These 5 ways to decrease your small business's overhead expenses can benefit your finances in 2018. Check them out to help stay within your small business's budget.

Winter months often mean a slow down of work for construction businesses. Here are 8 ways to generate off-season revenue.

75% of consumers want a consistent experience when engaging with a brand. If your customer service initiatives aren't very effective, check out these refresh tips from Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.

Is expanding your construction business one of your 2018 goals? Then these 5 tips can help!

These 6 states are prime spots for opening a small business. If you're looking to start your own business or expand to a second location, consider these areas.

For construction companies, winter often means lulls. However, that doesn't mean your cash flow has to be too impacted. Check out these tips on expense management during those slow months.

These 15 tools can help you run a successful home business. If you run your small business or startup from home, check them out to increase productivity and efficiency.

Veterans have the diligence, determination, and experience to run a successful small business. However, they may not always be sure where to start. Check out these 5 tips to startup your small business as a veteran.

Negative reviews can make or break your small business. Here are 9 tips to help your restaurant respond to a negative review.

Check out these 5 tips for managing your employees who work offsite. Bob Drainville of Timesheet Mobile offers these tips to increase employee productivity and success.

Kabbage Expands SMB Credit Line to $250K; Money Will Go to Technology Investments

Today we increased our lines of credit to $250,000 to support larger small businesses and provide them with greater purchasing power to grow. Existing customers and new small businesses in need of working capital can apply today!

If you're still planning your 2018 goals, check out these 20 trends. From hiring to technology, keeping up with them can help you reach your small business goals.

Are you updated on the 2018 tax reform? Rocket Lawyer breaks down the reform and how it impacts your small business.

6 Ways Online Business Owners Can Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention is essential for your online business - but it can be tricky. Check out these 6 tips for increasing your chances of repeat customers.

How to Successfully Onboard New Hires at the Start of the New Year

If you're still hiring for 2018, check out these 5 onboarding tips from Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation. These tips can help you train and retain great talent.

Consider investing in your community if you're looking for small business funding this year. These steps can help you learn how you can connect with your local community to invest in your small business.

10 Blogs and Websites Latina Entrepreneurs Should Follow for Growth and Inspiration | Kabbage Small Business Blog

1.9 million companies in the U.S. are owned by Latina entrepreneurs, as of 2016. If you're a Latina entrepreneur or want to start your own business, check out these resources for inspiration!

If you're expanding to an online store or expanding your existing online store, check out these 10 vital features it needs. From SEO to payment methods to branding, 3dCart Shopping Cart Software breaks it down.

Is your beauty business ready to rock its digital marketing this year? Check out these 3 strategies by Lindsay Scholz, branding and social media designer.

Is expansion one of your small business goals this year? If a second location isn't in the cards yet, check out how you can expand your small business through your products and services.

Hiring is essential to growing your restaurant or small business, so it’s important to hire the right talent. Carrie Luxem, founder and CEO of Restaurant HR Group, shares the true costs of hiring the wrong person and offers best practices to avoid a bad hire.

Goals are great ways to measure your small business's success and keep it going. Check out these 3 key milestones your small business should aim to hit this year.

You might not be able to predict exactly what this year will bring, but it's always smart to take a proactive approach. Check out these 8 resources to lean on during tough times.

Cash is king, but if you're not managing your cash flow well, you can hurt your small business. For ecommerce businesses, prep for these 7 common expenses to remain cash flow positive by Dani Avitz of Algopix.

Are you effectively and efficiently managing inventory for your small business? Take this quiz to find out! Inventory management can have a large effect on your cash flow, so you want to ensure you're managing it as well as you can.

20 Small Business Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Start this year's planning with these 20 small business trends. From hiring to technology, these trends can help your small business growth in 2018.

Looking to retain the surge of customers your ecommerce store saw over the holidays? Check out these 6 tips!

Southern Lights Electric Illuminates Nashville Local Businesses

Kabbage customer Southern Lights Design has made national and international waves since opening in 2011. Contributing to 150+ commercial projects across the world - from residential homes to hotels and restaurants - Southern Lights Design makes custom light fixtures in various colors, shapes and sizes. Check out how they shine.

An Overview of Women in Business: By the Numbers

Women own 38% of small businesses in the US, account for 47% of the nation's workforce and collectively own 11.3 million firms. However, they still struggle with financing. Check out more womenpreneur facts here.

Q. What Do Virtually All Small Business Owners Have In Common? A. Hustle and Sacrifice.

Q. What Do Virtually All Small Business Owners Have In Common? A. Hustle and Sacrifice.

Bringing on new hires to kick off your 2018? Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation offers 5 tips for successful onboarding.

Carrie Luxem's Expert Take: Managing vs. Leading - What's the Difference?

Start out your 2018 with leadership! But how do you become a leader? @CarrieLuxem, CEO and founder of Restaurant HR Group, helps restaurateurs grow and succeed as leaders in their small businesses! #CarrieLuxem #smallbusiness #restaurateurs #leadership

These 6 New Year's resolutions will help kick off your 2018 with positivity and productivity. Check them out to jumpstart your small business success this year.

Are you visiting Atlanta for the NCAA National Championship January 8th? Kabbage wants to welcome you to our amazing city! We thought it would be a great idea to put together some of our favorite links to help with your time here.

What To Do

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Guide

How To Get Around

Where To Eat

Sports Bars to Watch The Game

Breweries to Visit

Best Places to Shop

and last but not least...

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Vacation Idea
Discover Atlantaa
Atlanta BeltLineBeltLine
Atlas Obscura
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Atlanta Magazine
Ponce City Market
Krog Street Market
Eater Atlanta


Your budget is vital to your small business's success in 2018. Check out these 5 tips for planning one for the New Year!

If you're looking to save on overhead expenses in 2018, check out these 5 successful tips.

Your eCommerce business might have seen a boost in customers during the holidays, so how can you retain their attention? Check out these 6 tips.

What It Takes To Be A Small Business Owner

Our CRO, Victoria Treyger, writes on Forbes about what it really takes to be a small business owner, including the challenges they face and what many will do in 2018 to be more productive and efficient.

Kabbage customer Southern Lights Design has made national and international waves since opening in 2011. Contributing to 150+ commercial projects across the world - from residential homes to hotels and restaurants - Southern Lights Design makes custom light fixtures in various colors, shapes and sizes. Check out how they shine.

2018 is almost upon us, and for your gym, that might mean a boost in business for the first few weeks of the year. Here are 6 ways to retain those new members through the months to come.

Is expansion one of your 2018 small business goals? Then check out these 5 cities that saw major entrepreneurial booms in 2017 by MyCorporation.

100+ Quotes from Famous Successful Entrepreneurs | Kabbage

Looking for some motivation to make it through the holidays? Check out these inspirational quotes from successful and famous entrepreneurs!

What to Give Your Employees for Christmas if You Can’t Afford a Bonus

Bonuses are well-received by employees, but you might not always have the cash flow to provide them one. If you're still searching for gifts for your employees, check out these 5 alternatives to bonuses.

Thinking negatively can negatively affect your small business. Your performance reviews are a great way to ensure your small business runs smoothly. Without these two essentials, you won’t see success. In her next video series, Carrie Luxem, founder and CEO of Restaurant HR Group, explains the true power of positive thinking and advises you on how to create an effective performance review process. Check it out!

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